François Voron

I’m a developer.



October 2017 –

Data science full-stack developer

Wuha (Lyon, France)

September 2016 – October 2017


Nereo (Saint-Étienne, France)
  • Take over of the leave management Saas application, following the departure of the co-founder and CTO, build with the Python Django framework and JavasScript.


  • Full refoundation of development environment: migrate from Vagrant to Docker, move repositories to the hosted version of GitLab.
  • Full refoundation of production environment: migrate from OVH dedicated servers manually managed to a continuous integration setup thanks to GitLab CI, Docker Cloud and Digital Ocean. Allows us to test, build Docker images and launch them automatically in 10 minutes.
  • Monitoring tools setup: Sentry to track errors, New Relic to monitor application responsiveness and Papertrail to track logs. Bugs are reported by our support team directly on GitLab, allowing us to link precisely the context of the issue with the Zendesk ticket, the associated error in Sentry and the commit fixing it.


  • New user and administrator interface. Split the project in two:
    • Back-end: implementation of an API to manage and use Nereo. Rewrite of many parts of the code to make the architecture more modular and efficient.
    • Front-end: brand-new interface in AngularJS designed following the feedbacks of our users, with unique features like the ability for the manager to control leave of his team directly from the schedule. Fully responsive, Nereo becomes available on smartphones and tablets.


  • New showcase website under WordPress to let marketing team intervene more easily on the content and the aspect of the website.
  • Several projects on building internal supervision tools, deep integrations with our CRM Pipedrive, better leads tracking with Google Analytics.

June 2016 – July 2016

Real-time telecom developer

Avencall (Lyon, France)
  • Integration of Avencall’s R&D team, editor of the open-source XiVO IPBX, following a one week training on this solution.
  • Taking part in the development of the XiVO CC software suite dedicated to call centers and reporting, based on Scala, AngularJS and Docker.
  • Improvement of the user interface of the centralized XiVO management application by integrating an open source Bootstrap template (AdminLTE).

January 2015 – May 2016


BV Computing SAS – ProTournoi (Saint-Étienne, France)

In short:

  • Co-founder of ProTournoi, online application to manage sports tournaments.
  • Supported by the USE’In incubator in Saint-Étienne.
  • Soliciting and tracking of leads (up to 50 per day) via a CRM (Pipedrive).
  • Wonderful experience where I acquired solid skills in business, marketing and finance.

From a technical point-of-view:

  • Development of a sports tournament management app with the Symfony 2 framework in 5 months thanks to a solid experience on this techonology.
  • Solving of a complexe problem of games planification on time slots and playgrounds, by developing a binary search algorithm.
  • Optimization of the app speed and user experience to handle 100 users per day and pikes provoked by tournaments (up to 200 users at the same time): use of websockets to limit calls to the server, use of a scalable cloud platform (Heroku).
  • Monitoring tools setup to track performance (New Relic) and errors (logs handled by Papertrail and errors reported on Slack).

April 2014 – June 2014


Laboratoire Hubert Curien (Saint-Étienne, France)
  • Development of a bibliometry platform to evaluate the quality of the laboratory’s scientific papers, under 3 months with the Symfony 2 framework.
  • Retrieval of the 2 000 papers from the HAL API (national research platform indexing the papers of the French laboratories).
  • CORE website scraping, indexing and classifying more that 1 700 computer science conferences, with regular expressions?
  • Web Of Knolewdge website scraping, reference indexing and classifying thousands of scientific journals, thanks to CURL requests to solve complex authentication issues (multiple chained portals).
  • Aggregation of this data, solving duplicate issues (unconventional names, typos…).
  • Visualization of the results in a web application: open source Bootstrap template (AdminLTE), JavaScript graphs (FlotCharts).



Machine Learning and Data Mining Master’s Degree

University of Saint-Étienne (France) – University of Alicante (Spain)
  • Machine Learning: study of supervised learning algorithms (neural networks, SVM, k-NN) and unsupervised (k-means, expectation-maximisation, DBSCAN), put into practice in a handwriting recognition project.
  • Data Mining: study of association rule algorithms (Apriori, FP-Growth), R programming, put into practice in a data analysing project about a bicycle-sharing system.
  • Data Warehouses: interest and building of a data warehouse, study of star schema, data integration with Pentaho.


Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree

University of Saint-Étienne (France)
  • Computer science: algorithms, graphs, complexity, computability.
  • Imperative and object programming: C, Python, Java.
  • Functional and logic programming: OCaml, Prolog.
  • Web development: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
  • Databases: relational model, SQL language, Access, MySQL.


Back-end development

Front-end development


Data Scientist


French (mother tongue)

English (TOEIC 990)

Open-source projects


  • Infographics : Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign…
  • Author of several blogs about low-cost smartphones (Wiko, Archos…)
  • History enthusiast

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