Software engineer & open-source maintainer

I'm a seasoned software developer maintaining open-source projects useful for hundreds of businesses

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François Voron

One of the best

I've 9 years of experience working as CTO and lead developer in top-level startups in the SaaS industry. My expertise allowed those companies to grow with solid technical foundations and generate thousands of dollars in revenue.

I'm trusted by the most innovative companies

My area of expertises

Challenging startups environment allowed me to use and master the best and latest technologies in ever-changing software development ecosystems.


Backend development

FastAPI • Django • Flask


Frontend development

React • Next.js • Angular


Cloud computing

Amazon Web Services • Google Cloud Platform • Microsoft Azure


Data engineering

Extraction • Processing • Storage


Machine learning

Scikit-learn • OpenCV


Information retrieval

Natural Language Processing • Elasticsearch

Author of the best-seller book about FastAPI

I'm one of the top experts in the FastAPI community, the #3 most-used web Python framework behind Django and Flask. In collaboration with Packt, one of the leading tech book publishers in the UK, I've wrote a book to learn all the secrets of this framework and how data scientists can leverage its power to build efficient and reliable data science applications.

Since Summer 2023, a second edition is available with updated examples and a whole new project to build your very own generative AI system!

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Building Data Science Applications with FastAPI Second Edition
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Full-stack web developer and data scientist, I've a proven track record working in SaaS industry, with a special focus on Python backends and REST API.


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