ProTournoi is an online sports tournament management app.

Key figures

  • 40 000 users
  • 22 000 tournaments
  • 1 public instance and 2 instances for white label customers

From a technical point-of-view

  • Development of a sports tournament management app with the Symfony 2 framework in 5 months thanks to a solid experience on this techonology.
  • Solving of a complexe problem of games planification on time slots and playgrounds, by developing a binary search algorithm.
  • Optimization of the app speed and user experience to handle 100 users per day and pikes provoked by tournaments (up to 200 users at the same time): use of websockets to limit calls to the server, use of a scalable cloud platform (Heroku).
  • Monitoring tools setup to track performance (New Relic) and errors (logs handled by Papertrail and errors reported on Slack).
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